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On today’s episode, Steve Gordon gets real about how business owners can not only systemize referral generation and networking, but even more importantly, how to “nail” the follow-up. Who in business hasn’t fallen down on that piece?

Steve is a master of clarity and systemization, and that’s what he and his team help business owners achieve surrounding their messaging, processes, assets and goals. His goal is to help “old school” marketers, especially ones selling services, make the transitions into “new school” scalability.

If he hadn’t been there himself wondering where his next check would come from while he was trying to grow his own business, he would not have such a successful system to share today. Between his two books, The Unstoppable CEO podcast, and his willingness to divulge some expert networking secrets, there’s plenty of actionable advice for any CEO looking to take the leap forward.

Get some more “powder” for your networking keg from this previous podcast with John Corcoran, and realize the power networking affords from this episode featuring Joe and Matt you’ll be unstoppable in no time yourself.

The most important thing is to be intentional.” –Steve Gordon

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What do roller coasters and service-based business owners have in common?
  • How to bring new school systems to old-school marketing tactics
  • The texts vs. “dead stacks” philosophy of business
  • What’s behind the curtain of a simple podcast roundup?
  • How Hawaiian cookies can get you free advertising
  • Your best networking time investment for the business growth dollar
  • What do podcasts, shampoo, and a 70s retro tv ad have in common?
  • Can referral income be as predictable as an algorithm?
  • How to pick the best wallflower at live networking events
  • What can speed dating do for your business?
  • The truth about what your biggest business asset really is
  • Matt goes “old-school” junior high (though his buddy) to get the best business pick-up lines
  • How to systemize the process of process development
  • The best exercise to get clarity on a process and how to move it over the finish line

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