How Do I Stay Young? The Secret To A 30 Year Old Body And 300 Year Old Mind with Jeffrey Gladden

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Hey there, friends! It’s your host Joe here, with a truly eye-opening chat I recently had with the insightful Jeffrey Gladden. We dove deep into some pretty life-altering concepts around relationships, longevity, and the incredible blend of youth and wisdom. Let me tell you, this conversation was not your run-of-the-mill talk. We explored how to ask questions that matter, the impact of our mindset on aging, and why maintaining a youthful spirit is essential for a meaningful and impactful life. We also touched on the importance of transcending past experiences and focusing on love, connection, and contribution. There’s so much to unpack from our conversation, so I’ve put together this blog post to cover all the gold nuggets we unearthed.

The Power of Courageous Conversations

Jeffrey and I discussed how important it is to delve into courageous conversations. These aren’t just any talks; they’re the kind that creates bonds that can withstand storms. Jeffrey suggested that by simply asking deeper questions, we can unlock what really makes a person come alive. The key takeaway here is that being vulnerable, empathetic, and understanding can foster more love and connection in our relationships.

Longevity: A Young Body with an Ancient Mind

One of my favorite parts of our discussion was about keeping a youthful mind in an aging body. Jeffrey blew my mind with his take on “100 is the New 30.” Imagine having the physicality of a 30-year-old but the wisdom of someone three centuries old. He talked about his journey from sick care to health care, shifting focus to longevity and how we should adopt an exponential strategy for aging. This means always striving to be our best self.

The Life Energy Circle

We then spiraled into the concept of the ‘life energy circle,’ which comprises mindset, mental health, and building fabulous relationships. The gist of it is mastering the art of relational aspects, knowing that the human touch remains indispensable even in our tech-savvy age. It’s about looking beyond the surface and engaging in life with a whole heart.

Relationships in an AI World

Even as technology and AI continue to surge forward, Jeffrey and I agreed that humanity’s touch is absolutely crucial. We discussed how believing in yourself and overcoming past conditioning is key to thriving. It’s not just about the tech; it’s about the people and connections we make along the way.

Overcoming Trauma and Embracing Love

Trauma, as Jeffrey puts it, is something we need to understand, heal from, and ultimately transcend. It’s heavy stuff, but it’s so important for growth. Our chat highlighted the significance of love and becoming ‘unencumbered’ by our past. The psycho-spiritual angle really comes into play here – understanding that our security doesn’t come from external sources but from within.

Financial Gain vs. Relational Wealth

Success shouldn’t only be measured in dollars and cents. Jeffrey emphasized the value of resonant relationships over mere financial gain. We talked about quantum thinking, seeking inspiration from others, and building connections that resonate with our mission, vision, and values.

Jeffrey Gladden’s Resources

And for all you go-getters eager to learn more, Jeffrey shared a treasure trove of resources:

– His game-changing book “100 is the New 30

– His insightful podcast “Gladden Longevity Podcast

– And his website “Gladden Longevity” for anyone interested in diving deeper into the world of longevity and peak living.

In conclusion, our conversation was a profound journey into the realms of courage, questioning norms, and understanding the beauty of human connections. Whether it’s about facing life with the heart of a 30-year-old and the wisdom of a 300-year-old, or focusing on more than just financial gains, this chat has reshaped how I view my everyday interactions and long-term goals. The overarching message? Embrace love, strive for impact, and value the bonds we create along the way. And remember, folks, while we’re out there hustling and keeping our flowcharts in check, let’s not forget to live young, and love deeply, for as long as we possibly can.

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