Greg Merrilees – Dialing In The Perfect Website Design

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Today we are talking about website design and conversion optimization with Greg Merrilees, the guy behind the websites of Ezra Firestone, Kevin Rogers, Frank Oz and soon our site at Evergreen Profits.  He runs Studio1 Design and is a total ninja when it comes to optimizing websites in order to have visitors convert into leads and leads convert into sales.

He’s been online forever, and we dive into common mistakes he has seen that a lot of people are doing with their website design, breaking down the psychology that happens from a customer’s perspective and detailing three key points if you want to have a high converting website.

We also chat about the basics behind Greg’s agency which services 100 people at any one time, and how he’s created a huge business which he’s managed to simplify and give him a truly lifestyle business he loves. And after you soaked all this in, be sure to check out our shows we talked about with Stephan Spencer and James Schramko for more tips about optimizing your site and customer retention.

It’s quite a trend at the moment to be more organic and not so polished with design. If you look at all social media posts, those are the ones that get shared because people don’t want it to be perfect, they want it to be more handmade and more organic.” – Greg Merrilees

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to create a “mood board” as a branding roadmap
  • How to go the extra mile to grab attention
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes with website design
  • A simple addition to your thank you page, which most people forget to include
  • How to have the right website components to be in align with your vision
  • Greg’s agency model and how it’s completely dialed in without even doing team calls
  • The main idea behind your homepage and what you should definitely not be doing with it
  • A shout out to some awesome supporters and listeners. Is it you? Listen to find out!
  • And much, much more!

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