Genuine Networking: Strategies for Building Meaningful Relationships with Joe Fier

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Welcome to another episode of the Hustle and Flowchart podcast! I’m Joe Fier, your host, and today, we’re diving into the world of networking and personal growth based on Joe Polish’s book, “What’s In It For Them.” I’m excited to share insights on how to improve your interactions with others and elevate your business strategies by leveraging the latest tools and books. Let’s jump right in!

Building Stronger Connections

This episode explores improving your networking skills based on Joe Polish’s book, “What’s In It For Them.” Joe Polish is a well-known figure in the business world, running high-level masterminds and helping elite business owners and marketers. His book outlines nine genius networking principles to help you open doors in your personal and professional life.

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Be Useful, Grateful, and Valuable

The first key takeaway is the importance of being useful, grateful, and valuable to people around you. Imagine how you can help others and show appreciation. This mindset shift can change how you approach situations and build stronger relationships. Joe Polish emphasizes the need to be there for others and provide actual value. Quick story: Mike Koenigs and I recently led a workshop at Joe Polish’s Genius Network headquarters. We showed business owners how to use AI to scale their productivity. It was an incredible experience that highlighted the importance of being useful and providing value in real-time.

Action Step: Time-block daily to send personalized messages to people in your world. Use tools like Loom to make your communications more engaging and genuine.

Be Fun, Memorable, and Yourself

The second principle is to be fun, memorable, and true to yourself. Avoid being too formal or trying to fit into someone else’s expectations. Authenticity builds stronger connections and makes you more memorable. Asking genuine questions and sharing personal stories can help you connect on a deeper level. Don’t hesitate to inject humor and be open about your own experiences, even if they aren’t perfect. This builds rapport and makes interactions more enjoyable.

Action Step: Ask genuine questions and share personal stories in your conversations. Be yourself, and don’t put on a mask to impress others.

Give Value On the Spot

The final principle is to give value on the spot. Joe Polish talks about the importance of doing things quickly and not waiting to follow up later. Using David Allen’s two-minute rule from the “Getting Things Done” method can help you implement this principle. If you can complete a task in under two minutes, do it immediately. This could be sending a quick message, connecting people, or providing immediate feedback. This approach builds trust and shows that you value the other person’s time.

Action Step: Apply the two-minute rule in your daily interactions. If you can help someone or complete a task quickly, do it right away.


In this episode we explored how to build stronger connections with Joe Polish’s networking principles. By being useful, grateful, and valuable, being yourself, and giving value on the spot, you can create lasting relationships and elevate your business success. Thank you for tuning in! If you found this episode helpful, please leave a review and share it with others. Until next time, keep hustling and making meaningful connections!

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