Is It Better To Focus On Just One Business?

One thing that I’ve always struggled with is the idea that I should put all my focus and energy in to one project and stick to it.

I’m the type of person that has a new business idea every other week. Do I ignore those ideas or do I spread myself a little bit thinner and push forward on all my ideas?

You definitely hear mixed advice on this topic.

However, I’ve recently stumbled on a couple of resources that have really made me rethink my positioning on this.

First, I read the post from Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, called “The Myth of Focus“.vishen_trying_to_focus

In the article, Vishen argues that you should have multiple projects going at any given time. You never know which one will be the big hit. Also, what you learn in one venture could add great value to a completely different venture.

Another major argument that Vishen makes is that success doesn’t come from focus on one project. It comes from finding a “flow state” while working on a single project. While working on a project, you can focus on just that project in the moment but only focusing on one project all the time could be bad. He argues that having all your eggs in one basket with one business means that you will become to attached to the outcome of that one project and find it hard to reach a state of flow…

It’s a great read and it definitely makes me feel a lot better about “lack of focus” on any single project.

Just a few days after reading Vishen’s article, I discovered this AWESOME infographic from Funders and Founders.

The graphic shows 5 of the world’s billionaires and the paths they took to get to their billions… What do they have in common? They were always focused on multiple projects…

Click the graphic to enlarge:


Makes me feel pretty good having so many projects going on at the same time!

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