The First System To Make Our Business Work

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In the premiere episode of the Hustle & Flowchart Podcast, Matt and Joe discuss their thought processes behind the new shift in business strategy: the truth about the “hustle” mentality, how you can automate processes in your own business, and why partnerships can be extremely important for systematizing your business operations.

Listen in as we share the ideas that helped us lay the foundational business strategies and tactics that finally let us build the business we always wanted.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why 99% of all business owners totally miss the point of “hustling”
  • Why “backing out of your business” properly will actually make you more money
  • The sobering truth about the traditional “agency” model
  • A surefire way to systematize your business without sacrificing your sales
  • How the right partnership can “supercharge” your business
  • The “venture capitalist” secret to creating automated revenue streams
  • How every business owner should think about their cash flow
  • The surprising risk associated with having recurring client income
  • The easiest way to “de-risk” and systematize your recurring income streams
  • How your previous client base can actually help you to move away from the agency model and use that revenue as “seed” money to start a new type of business

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