How To Become A Blogging Rockstar – Pat Flynn

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This is a flashback episode… A few years ago, I interview Pat Flynn about the growth and success of his blog. I actually interviewed him for a paid course that I was releasing. The course never really panned out and this interview never really saw the light of day, outside of a few private communities that I’d opened up.

Fast forward to today and Pat is making probably 3x what he was making back then, he’s traveling the world and speaking, he’s a published author, and his success has grown to a whole new level.

Eventually I’d love to get him back on for a followup episode about everything that’s happened since then. For now, enjoy this episode where he describes the keys to his blog’s success.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • The secret to introducing advertising on your website
  • How a “Mastermind” group can change everything about your business
  • Sure-fire ways to monetize your audience
  • What type of content do you need to rank on Google?
  • Why “forums” are an untapped goldmine for your marketing strategy
  • Why general brands do not have the same power as a personal brand
  • How Pat ranked #1 for a highly searched keyword in 73 days
  • What is the blogging “honeymoon” period?
  • What happens when you enter a niche that you’re not passionate about?
  • The pros and cons of letting everyone know your strategies
  • The great secret to managing your work schedule
  • How to ask for community feedback
  • A genius way to get a “Round-up Post” shared hundreds of times
  • Some killer strategies to get opt-ins
  • A list of Pat’s favorite WordPress plugins
  • Plus so much more!

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