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Power copywriter and email marketer, Ben Settle, has a reputation of delivering powerful email copy to his followers, readers, and clients. He has become known for helping business owners around the globe double their revenue with one affordable secret weapon: Email campaigns. His email campaigns have been tested and used by thousands of business owners and have consistently been proven to work.

Ben is the founder and content writer the comical and informative eMail Players Newsletter, which is packed with information and tips on how business owners can turn their email marketing campaigns from luke-warm contacts into new clients and customers. He has been featured and interviewed on countless podcasts and wrote dozens of featured articles and blog posts spotlighting ways small business owners can improve their sales ratios with email marketing campaigns. Although Ben no longer works directly with clients and business owners, the methods he shares with his email list, blog readers, and podcast listeners have proven time and again to be the diamond in the ruff for many small businesses.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • How Ben went from homeless living in a cramped office to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • The light bulb moment that Ben had that led him into email marketing
  • The secret to having an unlimited bag of email ideas
  • Why a print newsletter or physical item can be better than e-courses and membership sites
  • How often you should email your list
  • How much should you pitch vs how much content you should be emailing your list
  • Ben share’s a real life email marketing weight loss niche example
  • Ben’s Weng Chun Kung Fu method for getting daily email ideas
  • The importance of “just having a conversation” in your emails
  • How Ben uses stories to sell products
  • How long should your emails be
  • How your emails differ when promoting a product vs. a service
  • The one metric that’s more important than clicks and opens on your emails
  • Whether or not you should segment your email list
  • Why the “money is in the list but the fortune is in the audience”
  • The exact places Been uses to build his email list
  • What Google wants when using Adwords to build your email list
  • Why the “money is in the list but the fortune is in the audience”
  • The number one source Ben uses to get high quality leads to opt-in to his email list
  • Plus so much more!

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