How To Increase Revenues By 300% Using Facebook Ads And Branding – David Schloss

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David Schloss is a powerhouse internet marketer who specializes in Authority Marketing, Social PR, and Video Marketing. He has been rated as one of the top authority marketers in the industry and has created several powerful training programs that have helped teach top entrepreneurs social public relations, video marketing, personal branding, and authority marketing strategies. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of a full-service digital marketing agency, Rampify, and has been featured in several publications including SiteFling and Web-ROI-Guy.

His company is highly successful, having helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses throughout various industries. The training programs and consultation services that David offers have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and corporations generate traffic, increase conversions, build long-term relationships, and expand their company’s growth beyond their imagination.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed on this episode…

  • How an advertising agency business model works.
  • How much you spend each day to start running Facebook ads.
  • The Facebook ads manager vs. boosting a post.
  • Keyword research strategies to perfectly target your ads.
  • What SEO has to do with advertising.
  • How to know if you can target a specific audience.
  • The images that work really well for Facebook ads.
  • A killer little trick to use videos that look like images.
  • How David went from broke to increasing revenue by 300%.
  • What to do if you want to LOSE all your clients in your business.
  • The mental shifts that had to happen to rebuild a business.
  • The self-development exercises you can do to get on the right path.
  • The daily rituals that will keep the “inner game” on track.
  • The visualizations that I did to create my ideal business.
  • How to create an incredible brand through videos and stories.
  • Why reputation management is so important for your business.
  • How to promote a book and get it in front of a ton of people.
  • The “book snippet teaser” strategy to create conversations around your book.
  • A quick step-by-step strategy to write a killer book.
  • Plus so much more!

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