Breaking Free from Entrepreneurial Burnout: How Virtual Assistants Transformed A Business with Jen Lehner

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In this episode, Jen Lehner and Joe Fier discuss the importance of delegating tasks and utilizing virtual assistants to scale businesses effectively. Jen emphasizes the benefits of outsourcing social media and tech-related tasks, as well as the value of creating SOPs for knowledge transfer. They also explore the combination of technology and humanity, the role of workflows, and the use of AI for data analysis. Jen shares her tips for the hiring process, emphasizing trust and flexibility. The episode concludes with insights into entrepreneurship, burnout, and the need to free up time to focus on essential tasks.

Delegating Social Media and Tech-Related Tasks:

Jen Lehner explains how outsourcing social media and tech-related tasks can alleviate bottlenecks in businesses. She highlights the importance of finding high-quality courses and trusting virtual assistants to learn and implement tasks like SEO and Pinterest.

Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Knowledge Transfer:

Jen emphasizes the significance of creating SOPs using tools like Loom videos. By explaining tasks and reasons behind them, founders can transfer knowledge to virtual assistants who will then translate the videos into documents with screenshots for future reference.

Combining Technology and Humanity in Business:

Joe and Jen discuss how technology, such as AI, can be used for data analysis while acknowledging the role of virtual assistants in organizing and structuring data. They explore the need for workflows and the benefits of tools like Claude dot AI for handling large amounts of data.

Hiring and Trusting Virtual Assistants:

Jen shares her insights on the hiring process, advocating for trial weeks to screen candidates. She emphasizes the importance of trust and flexibility and provides tips for messaging, agreements, and payment during the trial period.

The Entrepreneurial Journey and Burnout:

Jen reflects on her entrepreneurship journey, highlighting the highs and lows she has experienced. She discusses the concept of “the dip” by Seth Godin and shares her experience with burnout, leading her to delegate tasks and focus on more critical aspects of her business.

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