How To Drive Massive Amounts Of Traffic Using Pinterest – Stefan Ciancio

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Stefan Ciancio has driven a hundred thousand visitors to his niche websites through Pinterest. His story is an interesting one on how he went from a 9-5 job to finding a winning niche for himself through pinterest.

Pinterest is a huge traffic source which acts both as a platform and a search engine. It has a feature called Group Boards filled with people who are passionate about something. These people post pins in these boards and these pins can be redirected to your website… And that’s where all the traffic comes from.

In today’s episode, Stefan shares his absolute best tactics to drive loads of traffic from Pinterest. This is essentially a masterclass on exactly how anyone in any niche can drive new eyeballs to their content using Pintrest.

“On Pinterest, if you post something on a group board, the people in the group board can actually share that content outside of the group. It creates a viral element that does not exist on others.” – Stefan Ciancio

Important Note: On this episode, we discuss a tool called Board Commander, which automates some of the tasks discussed. Since the recording of this episode, Board Commander is no longer available. However, Stefan and his team are diligently working on a new, even more powerful tool, that anyone can us to drive traffic from Pinterest as well as other social media channels. Keep an ear out and we’ll let you know exactly when this new tool becomes available.

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Stefan’s story before digital marketing
  • The tools he uses to drive traffic outside of Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest is such a power tool to drive traffic
  • Stefan’s biggest revenue driver as a result of Pinterest
  • How pinterest works as a platform and a search engine
  • Tips on playing the engagement game of sharing pins
  • The ideal frequency, amount of hashtags, image type and image size to pin
  • How to know the ideal hashtags to use
  • All about pinterest group boards: creating one, demographics, and the benefits
  • How to effectively use pinterest as source of traffic
  • Plus much much more.

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