Dean Graziosi – Who We Should Be Holding Accountable Right Now

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Dean Graziosi is an entrepreneur, marketer, author, and has years of business knowledge behind him. Even in this crazy world you still have opportunities. You just need to shift your marketing, reevaluate how you run your company, or find new ways on how to start one. So listen in and grab your takeaways as Dean drops some real knowledge bombs in this one. We chat about his various successes over the years, how he got to work alongside such great leaders like Michael Jordan and Tony Robbins, and even how he teaches his kids to be successful at a young age. 

We also talk about what to do if you are struggling in today’s economy and some thoughts about what lies in store for the years ahead. After listening to today’s show, you are going to be pumped for action! Once you are done, be sure to check our previous chats with Jay Abraham and Perry Marshall for more insight into finding your motivation and success, even during uncertain times.

Sometimes when you think you are lacking resources, shift that mindset and realize that a lot of people in the world found a way to be resourceful.” – Dean Graziosi

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Life lessons from the laundry room!
  • How to get liberated and focus on solutions to solve your problems
  • Why you need to share your experiences
  • Dean’s unique way in which he reached out to one of the greatest basketball players of all time 
  • How to get disturbed with inaction to propel you forward
  • Approaching your launch with insane value for both your affiliates and customers
  • Questions to ask yourself to determine if you should really join forces with someone else

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