Crafting a Vision for Your Business and Relationship with Nadine Artemis

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In this enlightening conversation on Joe Fier chats with Nadine Artemis, a passionate advocate for natural skincare and an inspirational entrepreneur. Nadine delves into her personal journey from her early ventures into entrepreneurship to founding a successful natural beauty company with her husband.

This episode explores the challenges they faced, the importance of maintaining a shared vision, and the resilience required to evolve and rebuild after significant setbacks. Nadine’s expertise in botanicals and natural health practices offers valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their well-being and live in harmony with nature.

Natural Skincare and Health

Nadine shares her insights into the benefits of natural skincare and how synthetic ingredients can negatively impact our health. She discusses her long-standing passion for using essential oils and the importance of understanding the ingredients in our beauty products.

Starting a Business with Passion

Delving into how she started her entrepreneurial journey, Nadine recounts her early experiences with creating and selling natural products and the transition from passion to business.

Overcoming Adversity

Nadine and Joe discuss the challenges faced by Nadine and her husband when their business headquarters was devastated by a fire. The conversation highlights their resilience and the positive outcomes that arose from rebuilding their business.

Entrepreneurship and Partnership Dynamics

The complexities of maintaining a business partnership, especially with a significant other, are explored. Nadine emphasizes the significance of shared vision and the adjustments required when life events, such as having children, shift that vision.

Well-being through Natural Products

They cover the holistic approach to natural skincare, oral care, and the use of essential oils. Nadine provides practical tips and homemade remedies that can easily be incorporated into daily routines.


Wrapping up, Joe reflects on the key takeaways from the conversation with Nadine Artemis: the interconnectedness of passion, resilience, and natural well-being. This episode highlights not only the path to entrepreneurial success but also the commitment to a life aligned with nature’s wisdom.

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