Caleb Simpson: The CBD Business And How To Market Without The Ad Platforms

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One of the most stressful times in Caleb Simpson’s life was selling his energy bar business. The finances, lawyers, and buyers were all wearing him out, so he decided to give CBD (the non-psychoactive chemical found in hemp plants) a try. Results were so immediate that he knew exactly what business he was going to start building next.

Caleb is a father of three kids and ultra-marathon runner. After trying CBD for the first time his stress melted away and he found relief from the pain of his chronic injury. He founded Hemp Daddy’s to bring the healing power of CBD to those struggling with chronic issues like inflammation, anxiety, depression, and much more.

Not every industry is welcome on Google and Facebook. Listen in as Caleb shows Matt and Joe 5 ways to market taboo products without the aid of big platforms, segmenting your audiences without special links, and the tech stack to manage everything yourself. When you’re done, check out our conversations with Mike Michalowicz and Nate Broughton for more advice about building a business from scratch.

I see everyone complaining and moaning… When is Facebook going to allow CBD? Maybe they’ll never allow it, so you don’t need to sit around waiting.” -Caleb Simpson

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The many health benefits of CBD, both mental and physical
  • How to market a product that’s good for everyone
  • Experiments to find the right CBD dosage
  • Why wholesale is a bad business model
  • Outreach tactics that get you on the show (it worked on us!)
  • 5 ways to advertise without the big platforms
  • How taboo industries are currently driving traffic
  • The most effective list building campaigns (and not so effective)
  • One simple method to segment your audience without building special links or pages
  • How to structure your week as a solopreneur
  • A tech stack to easily manage everything yourself
  • Who sells fake CBD and how to get the real stuff

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