Building Wistia: Discovering Success in Video Marketing with Chris Savage

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Chris Savage shares his experiences in entrepreneurship, building Wistia, and navigating the video marketing landscape. From discussing the early days of Wistia to the crucial decision-making process that shaped the company, the episode provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs and marketers.

The Birth of Wistia

Chris recounts the early stages of Wistia’s journey, including struggles with funding, the first paying customer, and the initial vision for the company. He emphasizes the crucial role of customer feedback in shaping the direction of Wistia.

Thriving in the Face of Challenges

The pivotal meeting with HBO, the pressure of a potential deal, and the decision-making process behind declining the offer are explored in depth. Chris shares the importance of maintaining clarity on the company’s vision and the potential pitfalls of catering to a single customer’s specific needs.

Authenticity in the Age of AI

Chris Savage discusses the increasing relevance of genuine human connection and authenticity in a world where AI can create realistic fake personas. The conversation highlights the importance of leveraging technology while prioritizing genuine interactions and putting faces to the brand.


The episode concludes by reinforcing the significance of maintaining a close connection with customers, understanding their needs, and staying authentic in an evolving business landscape. Chris’s experiences offer valuable lessons for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders seeking to build and grow successful ventures.

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