Bob Burg – Creating Influence Through Being A Go-Giver

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Today we are chatting with Bob Burg, who is the author of quite a few books, most notably The Go Giver series, which is one of the very early ones we still reference to this day. It’s such a smooth read because it’s told in a story form. Being open to receiving is probably one of the things people struggle with most, and this came up in our conversation today as there’s this feeling that we want to constantly give value. For anyone who wants to give non-stop, the receiving does tend to make you feel guilty, so you need to be open to receiving. 

Bob explains how to not only be open to receiving, but how to master your emotions and have empathy, even if you cannot completely relate to another’s situation. He also discusses how to let go of the need to be right all of the time, communicating with tact and setting up a proper frame ahead of time so that the results of what you do will be beneficial and lead others to react in a positive light. After you’ve listened, go check out our conversations with Nir Eyal and Brian Kurtz for more insight into how to build upon positive habits and promote values that are important to your life and business.

Money is an echo of value. It’s the thunder to value’s lightning which means that the value must be the focus and the money you receive is a natural result of the value you are providing.” – Bob Burg

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to address the separation of how we communicate online
  • What to do if you feel like you are being taken advantage of in business
  • Being congruent in your giving and staying true to your values
  • Mastering your emotions
  • How to let go of the need to be right all the time while also influencing others
  • A coffee shop story you can learn from to set up your matrix
  • The importance of communicating with tact

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