The Biggest Lessons Learned Growing A Podcast

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Joe and Matt started podcasting back in 2010. They’ve had the Business & Blogs show, The Online Income Podcast, Beyond The Hype, Evergreen Wisdom, Authority Insider, and, most recently, The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast. Every other attempt at keeping a podcast running faded away when they struggled to monetize the show or when other business priorities caused them to lose focus on the show. It wasn’t until recently (100 episodes ago) that it all finally “clicked” for them.

Joe and Matt finally figured out the perfect set of systems, processes, team members, and marketing strategies to, not only keep a podcast going, but to make the podcast their “main thing” in their business. Today, the podcast is the main focus of their business. They figured out how to generate 7-figures per year in revenue through strategic podcast marketing and through leveraging their massive network to bring on amazing guests.

Today, the Hustle & Flowchart Podcast is listened to in 102 different countries, is syndicated across pretty much every audio platform, receives tens of thousands of downloads per month, and is talked about as one of (if not the) best business and marketing show. Industry leaders and new entrepreneurs alike claim that the show is having a big impact on them. Matt and Joe pride themselves on having open, transparent, and often vulnerable conversations with their guests, digging deep and pulling out both the mental and tactical elements that make others succeed. They strive to create content with their guests that is more valuable than almost any course on marketing.

Today, they cross the milestone of producing 100 episodes for the Hustle & Flowchart show. In this episode, they reminisce about the past 100 episodes, their favorite moments, the audiences favorite moments, what they’ve learned along the way, how they’ve grown the show, and even talk about what’s coming next for the business to make an even bigger impact on even more people.

This is a fun trip down memory lane with a ton of actionable ideas for anyone with a business.

Here’s The Live Stream of This Episode:

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The most memorable tips and ideas from past guests
  • The best episodes as voted on by actual listeners
  • The most downloaded episodes of the show since we’ve began
  • The relationship between this episode and Saved By The Bell
  • The way Dennis Yu and Curt Maly generate loads of traffic with $1 ads
  • How Roland Frasier created a system to avoid overwhelm with new opportunities
  • How we ensure that, once you find us, you see us everywhere
  • What Aaron Fletcher told us after we had “a few drinks” with him
  • The new book that we think is better than the E-Myth
  • The stories behind how we managed to get some of our biggest guests on the show
  • The person who gave us a mathematical formula to work less hours per day
  • Where you can learn to create a full product and launch it within 4 days
  • How we got Billy Gene to open up about cars, billboards, and internet fame
  • The strategy to make money from the car that you already own (not Uber)
  • How your car can actually be a cashflow asset
  • The story behind us becoming business partners with Brad Costanzo
  • Why we talk about Dan Ryan so much on this show
  • What Matt and Joe would do if they had a billion dollars in the bank
  • The biggest mental shift that was the catalyst for this show’s growth
  • How Matt, an unapologetic introvert, got over his social anxiety
  • The exact strategies that we use to make money from this podcast
  • The handful of strategies (that no one else does) that we use to grow this podcast
  • What happens behind the scenes after you view a piece of our content
  • How podcasters should approach having sponsors
  • The exciting new project that we’re working on (first time we’re revealing it)
  • How our next project is going to benefit tens of thousands of people
  • How to immortalize people with your podcast
  • Transcript coming soon

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