Becoming An Artpreneur: A Model for Creatives on Building a Profitable Business with Miriam Schulman

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In this episode, Joe Fier chats with Miriam Schulman, a passionate artist, entrepreneur, and mindset expert.

Miriam delves into the profound intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, highlighting the need for creators to shift their focus from content generation to cultivating a dedicated client base.

She emphasizes the undeniable efficacy of email marketing as a powerhouse tool for extending one’s reach and engaging with a broader audience, even beyond the perceived power of Instagram.

Miriam also addresses a prevalent entrepreneurial hurdle: pricing. She encourages entrepreneurs to shed their doubts and boldly set prices that reflect the true value of their offerings.

Miriam champions a customer-centric approach, stressing the importance of aligning products with consumer desires and needs. She introduces her “Belief Triad,” comprising self-belief, faith in one’s product, and a profound connection with customers, as the crux of entrepreneurial success. 

Join Joe and Miriam as they navigate the dynamic landscape where creativity and commerce intersect, unveiling strategies and mindsets that can transform creative entrepreneurs into thriving business owners.

Navigating the Creativity-Commerce Divide

Crafting Clients, Not Just Content: Explore how striking a balance between creative content and cultivating connections with clients can reshape your entrepreneurial journey.

The Power of a Simple Email

Where Numbers Paint the Real Marketing Picture: Delve into the undeniable effectiveness of email marketing, its far-reaching potential compared to social media, and how it can transform your outreach strategy.

Beyond the Feed

Beyond Pretty Pictures to Profitable Connections: Discover the true purpose of Instagram – building meaningful connections with your audience, a practice that can significantly boost your revenue.

Pricing With Pizzazz

Breaking Free from the Confidence Conundrum: Uncover the mindset shift needed to set fair prices confidently and understand that value surpasses the allure of low costs.


How Overthinking Hinders Progress: Learn about the phenomenon of “procrasta-learning” and how it fuels self-doubt, preventing action.

Customer-Centric Secrets

Shifting from Self-Interest to Customer Satisfaction: Understand the importance of aligning your business with customer desires, rather than fixating solely on your own preferences.

Crafting Irresistible Offers

Turning Products into Must-Have Cravings: Explore the art of producing offerings that genuinely resonate with your target market and encourage purchase.

Pricing Wizardry

Maximizing Earnings Through Strategic Numbers: Dive into the intricacies of pricing strategy, calculating potential earnings at maximum capacity, and the importance of reevaluating when necessary.

The Belief Triad

Confidence in Yourself, Your Product, and Your Customer: Unearth the core pillars of success – unwavering belief in yourself, your product, and your customer base.

Message Magic

Tailoring Your Value Proposition for Collectors and Customers: Explore the art of curating your message, highlighting why individuals should invest in your product, and targeting it toward your most engaged audience.

Self-Investment Alchemy

When Customers See Value in Themselves: Understand how customers evaluate their purchases, focusing not on whether you’re worth the money, but if they are worth investing in their own growth.

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