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Austin Sams helps Family Entrepreneurs who value time over money – but who also need to support their family – by sharing exactly how to leverage expertise into consistent income.

After running several multi-million dollar businesses for someone else, he started over to prove that he could create a highly profitable business from scratch, without sacrificing his wife and kids. By applying unique strategies, he built a freedom business and now enjoys running a multi-six figure business, working 2 hours per day from home.

He has some fresh perspectives that you are going to love to hear. We had connected at the New Media Summit and since we had so many enlightening conversations at dinner each night, we decided to record those here in this podcast for you today.

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Don’t live another day or week thinking it’s going to be better someday. By all means, if you have a good job and you’re making money, bank as much money in your own startup fund as possible and self-invest.” – Austin Sams

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to set up your life and your business on your own terms
  • How Austin was able to combine his marketing service with a SAAS model to create recurring income
  • The importance of continuing to check in
  • Austin’s 10 point checklist and a few steps you can take today to begin creating your ideal lifestyle
  • How to correctly refer to your business to clients, present and future
  • Austin’s super simple funnel that converts
  • The parameters Austin set for his business which gets him only the clients he wants
  • Questions to consider from a business optimization standpoint
  • How Austin was able to get to a point of working only two hours a day
  • Choosing the right business model for yourself
  • Austin’s simple, attention getting opening for potential clients at his discovery meeting which works
  • And much, much more!

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  • A 3-Step Framework To Automate Everything – Aaron Fletcher
  • How To Live Like You’re Permanently On Vacation – Jason Moffatt

Enjoy this clip from our interview with Austin:


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