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Anthony Trucks was placed in the foster care system at a young age and grew up not having a good sense of his own identity. On today’s show, you’ll hear how he finally ended up in a home as the only black person in an all-white family, and how he overcame his challenges and setting some big goals which led to him being awarded a scholarship to play at the University of Oregon. From there he went on to play in the NFL and appeared on the American Ninja Warrior TV show. 

Anthony had some huge ups and downs (almost going bankrupt after opening up his own gym) and realized that success only happens when who you are to your core, your identity, aligns with your life’s vision. It’s through his own struggles and triumphs that he now coaches others to get through their own identity shift in order to create the life that they deserve. He dives into his methods and the importance of knowing your identity first, even before you work on your mindset. After you have listened, we have some great shows from our vault you should check out, including our show with Christine McDannell and Jon Margalit that deals with mindset, chatting with billionaires, and getting valuable feedback to make better business decisions.

When you put time into something, and it’s no longer something you can do, whether it’s a kid doing to college, leaving the military, someone passing away, the relationship falls apart, whatever it might be…you’ve given it all and you can’t do it anymore, it breaks you and you don’t even know who you are. I didn’t even know who I was without football.” – Anthony Trucks

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • You are the tree, not the fruit – and other wise words 
  • The importance of knowing your identity
  • Shining a light on your dark moments and how one very dark period in Anthony’s life almost pushed him over the edge 
  • How Anthony got onto the Ninja Warrior show and impressed the hosts
  • Matt’s reminisces of being a nervous interviewer way back in the day (hard to believe!)
  • The go-to tool to help you achieve any dream you may have
  • Doing things the H.A.R.D way to reach a whole new level of confidence
  • What do the Mighty Ducks and your journey in the shift have to do with each other?
  • And much, much more!

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