Alex Charfen – Your Business Should Always Be Broken

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Alex Charfen joins us today and like many in the past, we were pleasantly surprised at the topics that came up. First, we chat about Alex’s backstory and how he was able to turn his life and business completely around after the housing crisis in 2007. He was able to take his knowledge and create a brand new business helping others get through some very difficult years. This business gained momentum so quickly that he became a top advisor to government officials while also making it onto the Inc. 500 list a mere four years later. This is a great, timely chat about creating something helpful and important, out of a crisis such as the one we’ve dealt with this year. 

We also have a great conversation about Alex’s struggles, his successes with a specific kind of therapy, the importance of being vulnerable, and how, if you find yourself judging other people or situations (which of course, we all do from time to time) the best way to turn this around to actually fix how you feel about yourself. Once you’ve listened, be sure to check our shows with Lisa Cherney and Perry Marshall where we talk about how to succeed in today’s challenging climate as well as dealing with self-sabotage.

If you’re thinking maintain, you’re out of the game already. The mantra in a crisis is, ‘I can grow in this crisis, I can succeed in this crisis, I can help people in this crisis, and I can make a huge impact in this crisis.” – Alex Charfen

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The most important thing to do when the world is in crisis
  • How Alex went from being bankrupt to getting to #21 on the Inc. 500 list only 4 years later
  • The benefits of showing your vulnerable side and exposing your weaknesses
  • The three awakenings of the entrepreneurial type – do you have them?
  • A heartfelt moment with Sean Stephenson
  • The benefits of EMDR which you probably need but never even thought about
  • A simple phrase to remember when you find yourself judging a situation
  • And much, much more!

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Alex:


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