Ajay Goel: How to Scale a SaaS while Eliminating Customer Support

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Although he could have been a doctor, Ajay Goel decided to take the road into entrepreneurship and dropped out of school to open a web development company which went on to generate $5 million in revenue. He has produced a variety of programs that help users with email marketing and creation.

Ajay has a strong background software development and is utilizing the Chrome Store, which has far less competition, to market his product. He also has a proactive approach to customer service issues, which allows him to focus less on providing detailed customer support and more on the technical development on the backend.

Ajay’s shares some of his extensive knowledge of Gmail and email marketing in general with tips on what to expect with a follow-up sequence, do’s and don’ts for subject headlines and the best times to send out emails.  In addition, he discusses why you want to consider using a product that works with Gmail’s own servers for better deliverability rates.

“Users are more loyal when they have a little problem that you solve than users who never have a problem” – Ajay Goel

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Sending limits when using Gmail
  • Use of Reddit for marketing your product
  • Pros and cons of selling on the Chrome store
  • An easy to use email platform that works directly with GMail
  • How to produce a SaaS with limited customer service involvement
  • Sites to market your SaaS product
  • Best practices when using Gmail for marketing
  • A great resource for photo editing
  • Plus much much more

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Contact Ajay Goel:

  • On Twitter (where his handle is “PartTimeSnob” – i.e. he doesn’t like going to concerts unless he is in the front row)

References and Links Mentioned:

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