AJ Roberts – The Growth Levers That Skyrocketed Sales For Kartra

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Today we’re talking to our neighbor and easily the strongest guy in the marketing world, AJ Roberts. He was one of our very first guests, appearing on episode #17. AJ has reinvented himself from being an overworked, broke gym owner who was struggling to now serving as the Chief Revenue Officer at Genesis Digital, the company behind Kartra, Ever Webinar and Webinar Jam. 

AJ oversees sales, marketing and the customer experience, and is constantly testing and tweaking things to increase both the company’s revenue and the success of their customers.  He’s got a million growth hacks he’s always experimenting with, quite of few of which you’ll hear in this episode. He also discusses some tactical ways on how he continues to increase his sales. We also go behind the scenes of how Kartra operates and how AJ is always searching for new ways to increase customer retention and keep the customers happy and continuing to use their software.

After you’re done, you’ll definitely want to check out our first show we did with AJ on how to create a system for creating systems as well as our episode with Paul Lemberg on how to 10X your company’s growth.

I’m a huge implementer and want to see stuff happen and being able to control that in a way, being a little bit of a control freak…it works a little bit easier when it’s your own business.” – AJ Roberts

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why it’s super important to bid on your own brand
  • The value behind Kartra as being an all in one software platform
  • Where to spend your money when you are just starting out
  • Details behind successful Done For You campaigns
  • Benefits of running a company with virtual employees
  • How AJ is able to produce amazing email deliverability results 
  • The different acquisition strategies that are having great results now
  • AJ’s test results from a $1 vs. free trial offer
  • The best model when you are building up a business quickly 
  • And much, much more!

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  • Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson
  • First 100 days by Joey Coleman
  • Overdeliver by Brian Kurtiz
  • Westside vs. The World
  • Genesis Digital
  • Kartra 
  • Webinar Jam 
  • Ever Webinar 

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