The 2-Week Vacation Test: Building a Successful Business that Runs Without You with Austin Netzley

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Hustle and Flowchart is back! And on today’s episode, Joe Fier sits down with Austin Netzley to discuss the importance of achieving time freedom and building profitable assets. Austin shares his own experiences with burnout and how he transformed his businesses to run without his constant involvement. They dive deep into topics such as systems, delegation, writing books as marketing tools, and the power of disconnecting from work. Austin provides valuable insights and actionable strategies for listeners to implement in their own lives and businesses.

Stress Management

Joe and Austin open the discussion by highlighting the importance of being aware of stressors and identifying their causes. They emphasize the value of writing down stressors as a way to problem-solve and find solutions.

Power of Writing

Austin shares his experience of writing books as marketing tools, explaining how they have consistently generated clients and revenue for his businesses. He encourages listeners to consider writing books as a valuable asset for their coaching or professional services business.

Achieving Time Freedom

Austin details his journey from burnout to building businesses that can run without his constant involvement. He emphasizes the significance of taking time off, implementing systems, and creating a culture of systems within the team.

The Two-Week Vacation Test

Austin introduces the concept of the two-week vacation test, which gauges the health of a business and its ability to function without reliance on the owner. He outlines the steps involved in gradually achieving time freedom, starting with taking evenings off and progressing to longer periods of time away from the business.

A Productive Routine

Joe and Austin discuss the importance of reflecting on the day, planning for the next day, and using triggers to separate work and personal energy. They highlight the crucial role of sleep for brain health and productivity.

Systems for Efficiency

Austin emphasizes the power of systems in increasing efficiency and delegation within a business. He explains different forms of systems, such as templates, processes, checklists, and software applications. Austin recommends starting with simple tools like spreadsheets before exploring more advanced options.

Overcoming Addictive Work Habits

Austin shares his personal experience of detachment from his business during a 10-week vacation, and the positive impact it had on his mental well-being and productivity. He encourages listeners to be aware of addictive work habits and urges them to train their teams to be more proactive and autonomous.

The Impact of Writing Books

Joe and Austin emphasize the effectiveness of writing books as marketing tools and assets. They discuss how books can bring immense value to businesses, generating clients and revenue. Austin shares his goal of writing a book every year and provides insights into how books have been the number one driver of new clients for his businesses.

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